Agrimess 1,500 meter square building head quarter is fully fitted with photovoltaic powering the building and putting  eighty percent of generated energy into the national grid.

Agrimess is a Swiss company based in Ticino. It has equipped its headquarters with an IMEON X-Trem Energy Storage System (ESS) in April this year. The solution will make the company self-sufficient in electricity.

In December 2014 the company invested in a rooftop photovoltaic installation dedicated to self-consumption. Over the years, 20% of the production of the solar installation was consumed on site and 80% was injected into the public grid.

The addition of an X-Trem ESS has enabled Agrimess to be 100% energy-autonomous.

The X-Trem ESS installed in this building integrates an 86.4kWh battery. The owner plans to disconnect completely from the public grid next year.

IMEON ENERGY has been designing and assembling the X-Trem product range since the beginning of 2021 in Brittany, France. The ESS, supporting power ratings up to MW, meets the growing demands of industrial companies and building owners who wish to participate in the energy transition and reduce their electricity bills.

These new all-in-one solutions incorporate all the components required for a self-consumption solar installation with storage, such as power electronics, lithium batteries, electrical protection and a communication system for monitoring of the installation. The whole system is controlled by artificial intelligence to increase the amount of energy produced and the life of the system.

These components are integrated in a cabinet designed to be installed outdoors and has a temperature maintenance system able to adapt to the most extreme weather conditions.


 IMEON ENERGY has been active in the field of power electronics, energy conversion and storage since 2013. The company is specialized in artificial intelligence dedicated to solar energy storage management. The IMEON technology is a concentrate of research and innovation that allows the simultaneous use and control of several energy sources in order to compensate for fluctuations in solar production and ensure a constant supply of energy for the user. IMEON solar hybrid technologies are available in more than 70 countries through a network of nearly 30 distributors.