Since 1994, Corporate Africa has partnered with African governments and businesses to connect them to foreign investors and international companies targeting opportunities across the continent’s industries to exploit in win-win partnerships. Corporate Africa courts investors and directs them to industry projects thoroughly analyzed in special commercial and business reports in the magazine value-adding environment.

Throughout 2024, Corporate Africa‘s special reports will feature key power and energy investments. These reports are a wealth of knowledge, with contributions from renowned experts, including Energy Ministers across Africa and the USAID Power Africa Private Sector Development Partners. At the core of the reports are the US$40 billion low carbon emission energy projects being undertaken by Power Africa development partners in collaboration with governments and local content to build megawatt capacity in all forms of renewable energies including micro-grids. wind, hydropower, solar, geothermal, and IPPs. Businesses and investors engaged in these sectors across Africa are invited to participate and engage new business and partnerships with governments and the public sector; also project finance, JVs, and distributors and agencies.

Corporate Africa clients include Shell, ABB, GE, Exxon Mobil, and PetroSA. These brands and expert contributors create a value-adding environment where local companies can exploit and leverage their brands, services, projects, and local competencies to engage investors’ projects, resources, know-how, and finances in win-win partnerships. The special reports bearing the messages and brands of our partners are leveraged on Corporate Africa digital platforms and in print copies, generating vital inquiries and responses feeding into several networking platforms at international events: They include NOG Energy Week 2024, Power & Energy Africa 2024, Africa Energy Forum 2024, AviaDev 2024, Africa Oil Week 2024, Africa Hospitality and Investment Forum 2024, AfricaCom 2024


To ensure that our partners are fully equipped to exploit the opportunities offered by responsive investors in the energy sector, Corporate Africa has devised a Network Business Directory. This directory, featured at the back of the publication, includes Power Africa private sector development partners, key energy projects, and solutions providers categorized under energy sectors and countries. It provides a platform for businesses to promote their services, keeping them connected to key players and contractors. This ensures a flow of enquiries from Corporate Africa conferences, exhibitions, and subscriber partners, and guides participants to their services and technologies.

Mission Statement—Corporate Africa celebrates its thirtieth anniversary in 2024. Success is achieved by generating measurable and tangible results for customers. Our success derives from a commitment to consistently providing customers with excellent and professional service. That is why we only invoice on service delivery to confirm our standards and generate trust, client loyalty, and goodwill.

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