Corporate Africa has used its thirty years of Public Relations, Marketing, and Promotion experience to build, manage, and run the AfCFTA (African Continental Free Trade Area) Members Network Business Register targeting and connecting SMEs and corporations across the markets of Africa: The Business Register which is an integral part of Corporate Africa Newsletter increases, partnerships and trade between businesses, building capacity and strengthening value chains across the borders of the African Continental Free Trade Area.  List your Business Today in the AfCFTA Business Register and Network Directory.

AfCFTA Business Register is a continuation of the goals of the IATF which works to build bridges between AfCFTA states, and in 2021 was forecast to generate US$40 billion in trade deals in the AfCFTA US$3 trillion markets. Corporate Africa experience teams and associates are qualified experts with experience in governments, marketing, public relations, and work experience in diverse nations.

Skills and Experiences

Corporate Africa is fluent in English, Chinese, Amharic, French and Swahili languages generating the right messages to the right audiences creating tangible impact. Past strategic partners have included the World Health Organization, EU, PRC, Ghana and Kenya Governments, G8, Sumitomo, and Crown Agent.

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Generating Strong and Sustainable Impact supported by a live database of key African and investor partners inside AfCFTA member states and the Diaspora


South Africa Reconstruction and Development Program 

Corporate Africa and the Government of South Africa provided content outlining the country’s development plan to build capacity across national infrastructure to satisfy the needs of disadvantaged Africans. Also,  to attract former and new investors back into South Africa economy through a global marketing campaign showcasing opportunities across the nation businesses and industries targeting foreign investors in the United Kingdom, the USA and European Union.

Partnerships for Prevention and Care Africa Health Campaign and Conference

A private public partnership project organised in partnership with governments of Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria to measure the impact of HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria in their countries, the levels of stigmas and implement and coordinate national response strategies including testings, transfers of life science investors’ health and Medicare technology and science in key health facilities in these countries.

G-20 Africa Infrastructure Investment Conference
This is an international biannual project partnered by hi-level representatives from the G20 Steering Group, the UK Office for International Development, African Trade Ministers together with investors to discuss Africa infrastructure development, goals, projects and programs, and access to finance packages throughout the 21st century.

China Africa Business Summit
The Summit was organised in partnership with the PRC to engage and deliver opportunities, technologies, and the services of businesses from China to African governments and companies seeking greater cooperation and partnerships with China and its business communities.

Africa Green Investment Gateway Conference
A powerful and timely international meeting organized by Corporate Africa covered by CNN; embracing African governments and Green Technologist, investigating the impact of climate change in Africa and the technology, finances and other resources  required to build low carbon economies. Covered by CNN International (business News)

AfCFTA (Africa Continental Free Trade Area) Business Register & Investors Guide

Corporate Africa is an Official Strategic Media Partner of the Intra Africa Trade Fair. We are working to source financiers and investors at the Intra Africa Trade Fair 2021 and engage them to partner infrastructure opportunities outlined in a key report highlighting AfCFTA critical infrastructure needs. And will also, through a Members’ Network Business Directory, connect

companies and industry value-chains across states and out into the global economy. Content includes up to date assessments and analyses of current infrastructure conditions compiled by governmental experts, AfCFTA Secretariat, Afrexim Bank, African Union and key private sector representatives.