Corporate Africa offers its customers a “Specific Marketing and Promotion” plan. Specific Marketing and Promotion puts you at the centre of all your advertising plans. Our offerings are based on customer first, customer last, and customers receiving the goals that they set forth to acquire prior to participation. Corporate Africa will not engage a contract if it is unable to deliver the goals required. So please help us to deliver your needs by completing the profile form below. Once we receive your business profile and promotion needs we will send you several prescriptions that can deliver your need. You can then decide the options best for you and let us know if you intend to proceed.

What Metrics does Corporate Africa use to achieve your goals.

If the goal was related to branding Corporate Africa uses the resources of Times Publications Group to carry out a survey – short term (within one year) to ascertain the impact of the message on target group

If the goal was to achieve tangible responses Corporate Africa uses the tangible returns to ascertain if the goals that were set prior to the campaign were achieved. The metrics that would be used to measure achievement will be agreed with the client prior to the start of the campaign