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Consultancy Plus is Corporate Africa’s consultancy service geared to achieving positive, productive, and profitable contacts between G-20 investors and governments and corporations across Africa. Consultancy Plus supports companies entering Africa to identify and target win-win partners, agents, distributors, and buyers for their products and services. Consultancy Plus uses Corporate Africa twenty-five (25) years of experience and proximity to investors and customers to satisfy the needs of inquiries. Consultancy Plus is a confidential service. Over the last fifteen-year, it has delivered major benefits to numerous technology and pharmaceutical companies, and governments such as international banks, and governments. One company was Becton Dickinson (BD), a life science company that entered into a private-public partnership with the government of Ghana to set up a Public Reference Laboratory : A Centre of Excellence to train health professionals in laboratory techniques to international standards and best practices. It also provides professionals with access to first class technology and consumables required for testing and analyses. Please contact for more information about Consultancy Plus.